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Pills for the Soul? How medication falls short of Christ’s healing of the emotions


"It's Time" A review by

Dr. Deborah Proverbs

Dr. Dieter K Mulitze (PhD) has written a thoroughly researched and inspired book, outlining the reality of the present day major global mental health crisis, and challenges the pharmaceutical paradigm under which psychiatry is currently practiced.

As a Christian he also challenges the Church to rise up and fully embrace the Lord’s presence and power and receive and administer healing where the mental health system cannot. I have heard the author speak; his robust teachings, and inspired testimonies through ‘Deeper Love Ministries’, are producing outcomes that expand beyond current psychiatric expectations. He acknowledges that there is nothing greater for healing and restoration of the soul than the love of Jesus and makes the point that this cannot be replaced by medication, which produces another set of problems.

The book was published in 2008, before “ its time” in my estimation! Ten years later, with the exponential rise in need for healing of so-called mental illness among Christians and others who are suffering and distressed, now is the time more than ever to embrace this research and receive this message of hope, love, and truth, central to all healing recovery, and put these teachings into practice to strengthen both the Church and the wider global community. I recommend this book to fellow believers, professionals in mental health and medicine, suffering families and their loved ones alike. 

Dr. Deborah Proverbs 
Integrative Medical Mental Health Practitioner ( MBChB Otago, NZ)