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Level One Seminars

Seminar 101: Introduction to Healing Prayer
Learning to Minister in Christ's Healing Presence


What exactly is “healing prayer?” What does it “look like”? This seminar will introduce you to the ministry of healing prayer. We will present a “core summary” of a theology of healing prayer centered in the Presence of Christ, empowered by His Spirit, and rooted in the Father’s love. We will cover the need and scope – and thus vital relevance -- for this ministry today. What types of healing are possible? What is a biblical concept of health? We will look at concrete examples of how Jesus brings emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing.

But how does one then practice this ministry? To answer this, we will present a “model” of healing prayer and focus on the practical aspects. The most effective and biblical approach in ministering healing prayer is through a team of two people, ideally a man and a woman, who complement in their spiritual gifts. The team dynamic, character and spiritual maturity of the team members is crucial. We will cover practical aspects of team ministry. We will also consider the spiritual development of healing prayer teams as well as the character formation of team members and their preparation for this ministry. Examples of actual healing prayer sessions will be given to clarify this ministry.

Healing prayer ministry should normally occur within the local church and under the protection, direction and authority of church leadership. If healing prayer is not available in your church, this seminar will offer some suggestions on how you might encourage your church to begin in this vital ministry.

Seminar 102: Foundations for Healing Prayer
The Basic Theology and Practice


The ministry of healing prayer has a foundational theology behind its practice. As we learn to “think theologically” and “have the mind of Christ”, we must understand the essential biblical truths that shape and guide this ministry and their intersection with other key truths. We will also look at some core biblical truths that shape the practice and ethics of this ministry. Some of the topics and themes of this seminar will be expanded and further developed in later seminars.

First, we will look at how healing prayer directly relates to The Great Commandment: loving God with all your heart. Then, how does healing prayer relate to the Second Great Commandment, The Great Commission, salvation, sanctification, equipping the saints for battle, and the Kingdom of God? Are all the spiritual gifts for today?

Then we will look at the nature of man, restoring the “broken image”. We will see the need for abiding in Christ’s love and living a life of obedience. When we don’t, we too often end up in idolatry. Then we will focus on the life of freedom in living in our true identity in Christ – and this is all behind much of our woundedness, compulsions, addictions, need for affirmation, and so forth. This involves sin and the need for the Cross of Christ. All this has practical applications for conducting healing prayer ministry.

Healing prayer ministry relies fully on the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit, thus we must understand the “visual language” of pictures, images, and visions of the Spirit and its biblical basis. We will share some practical examples and the implications for healing prayer ministry.

The presence of Christ is so central, so we will develop a “ Theology Of The Presence” as well as the practical principles and implications of His presence in healing prayer sessions. We will then also look at the intersection of psychology, therapy, and healing prayer.

Since we rely on His presence, we avoid techniques and methods and the “technical mindset”. We will understand the need to “feel”, and the practical ways of how we follow the steps of Jesus and His Spirit. We will see how Christ works through us as well as with us and around us, and how we listen to the Master’s voice. Then, as you think about entering into this ministry, we’ll help you reflect on “walking on water”.

Seminar 103: Jesus the Healer
Following His Example


Jesus is our perfect example of the healing ministry. Any theology and practice of healing prayer should be developed from Jesus’ example. As we study the gospel examples of healing, we will reflect on each healing encounter and its significance for healing prayer. We will look at the physical healings and the deliverance from the demonic.


With the many stories in the gospels of Jesus bringing physical healing and deliverance, we should not overlook how his ministry brought emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual healing. There are examples as well as teaching where Jesus addresses the healing of the “inner” person in addition to the “outer” person in the physical sense.


We will look at gospel encounters where Jesus restored the soul, and also make direct, reflective applications for life today and our own healing and wholeness. We will see how Jesus ministered to people with guilt, the need for love and spiritual fulfillment, regrets from the past, troubled hearts, anxiety, despair and despondency, trauma, grief, rejection, manic-depressive psychosis, and more. Who has not experienced any number of these real issues of the heart and soul? They come up frequently in healing prayer, so we will study how Jesus dealt with these. The gospels, like other parts of the Scriptures, are more relevant to psychology and psychotherapy than often realized. These examples will also build a broader base for healing of the soul in the ministry of healing prayer.


Then, we will reflect and learn from Jesus’ example. What principles can we learn in healing prayer from Jesus? How did Jesus relate to people? What can we learn from his relationship with his Father?


How will this shape and direct the ministry of healing prayer? Jesus is the perfect example and model – we must learn all we can from him. Then, as we minister healing prayer in his presence, we will have a better understanding of what he is doing and how he wants us to co-operate with him.


We will note the spiritual gifts that Jesus demonstrated as he healed and delivered. Since the spiritual gifts are so important in this ministry, as Jesus modeled, we will cover all the spiritual gifts and their use in the context of a healing prayer team.