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Level Two Seminars

Seminar 201: Emotional Healing
Listening to Your Soul


The New Testament has much to say about our personal transformation, our sanctification, which involves our attitudes and emotions. The gospel must penetrate our entire being, our whole life, not just our mind. When we are disciples of Jesus, then he is the Lord of our life and hence the Lord of our emotions. Healing prayer then becomes a means for our sanctification, leading to the healing of our emotions. Jesus taught a lot about common emotional responses such anger, shame, remorse, bitterness, hatred, rejection, often at the root of many chronic illnesses and psychiatric problems.

Jesus taught much about forgiveness, and due to the reality of sin, forgiveness is crucial in life and often for one’s healing. The need to extend forgiveness, or receive forgiveness upon confession and repentance, often come up in healing prayer. Unforgiveness, or the biblical “hardness of heart”, can lead to many psychological and emotional disorders, plus emotional or spiritual bondage or even oppression. Modern psychotherapy is finally starting to take forgiveness seriously, after being neglected for centuries. This seminar will begin with the role of emotions in the spiritual life. We will then focus on Jesus’ all-important teaching on forgiveness, and relate this to the ministry of healing prayer. We will clarify what forgiveness is and is not and its relationship to reconciliation.

We will then consider in detail the common emotion of anger - physiology, identification, health issues, and ministry steps. Then we will consider rejection, guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, despair and other emotions which are “indicators of the soul”. We will evaluate the biological approach to treating “mental illness” in the light of healing prayer. We will discuss the many practical ministry steps and guidelines, with examples, for the healing of one’s emotions.

This seminar is really a “companion” seminar to the next one, Seminar 202, and is designed to look at practical healing prayer for healing of the whole person from different vantage points.

Seminar 202: Restoring the Whole Person
Healing Life's Deepest Hurts


This ministry is not about praying to symptoms, but with the whole person – body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul. We are integrated, with body, heart, mind, and soul very much inter-connected at a deep level. Medical science is beginning to realize this more and more, and especially from PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI), which describes the effects of stress on the functioning of the immune system. Researchers are finding a strong interaction between mind and body at the root of both health and disease. This is also true of studies in psychosomatics, which simply agrees with the teaching in Proverbs. This seminar will include examples from medical research and the Scriptures on how emotional and relational issues can affect our health and wholeness, and how this shapes the ministry of healing prayer.

The effects of sin in holding a person back through woundedness or spiritual bondage from growing and maturing in Christ are common problems among Christians. Healing prayer addresses the reality of sin and applies the power of the cross to these issues of the heart and soul, to break people free in supernatural ways so that they can move forward in health and wholeness.

We begin with intergenerational sin or blessing and the influence of our ancestors upon us. Could you be carrying “spiritual baggage” from your forefathers? Then, we look at healing from pre-birth wounds and trauma, otherwise known as prenatal psychology. We will discuss how to minister healing prayer for pre-birth experiences and share some actual experiences from healing prayer sessions.

For the later years in life, we will consider psychosomatics and psychoImmunology and the all-important mind-soul-body connection, with examples from medical practices. We will cover healing from the pain of the past, or the “healing of memories”, involving uncovering lies, with many practical guidelines for this ministry. Sexual issues come up frequently in healing prayer, so we will look at sex and sexuality as well as sexual bondages and the need for sexual healing. Not everyone appears to receive healing, so we will review the many “barriers” to healing.

Seminar 203: Freedom from Spiritual Oppression
Confronting the Demonic


You might be ministering healing prayer to someone, and suddenly the person feels “ice-cold” or a strange voice suddenly talks to you or you feel gripped by fear. What is going on? What do you do? Are demons for real? We will answer such questions – and many more -- in this seminar.

So can a Christian be “demonized”? Do Christians today have the authority and responsibility to engage in deliverance ministry? What are the symptoms or indicators of demonic oppression? How and why can demons oppress Christians? What are the “entry” points into a Christian’s life? What are the tactics, character, and schemes of evil spirits and the kingdom of darkness? Where did demons come from in the first place? These are just some of the questions we will answer for you in the seminar, relying on the Scriptures to shed light on this “controversial” topic.

A theology and practice of healing prayer must take seriously encounters with the demonic; this can be a key part of a healing prayer session. This involves spiritual warfare, and healing prayer teams must be equipped and ready to minister into this area. We must understand the strategies, schemes, and tactics of Satan and his minions that would seek to bring Christians into bondage and oppression. This is also strategic in building communities of healing in a broken world. When Satan has less of a “hold” on individual Christians, the local church is healthier. A healthier community is also stronger, more able to resist Satan and counter his schemes. We will also learn to avoid excesses, extremes, questionable practices, and unfruitful approaches to deliverance ministry.

This seminar will help you to engage the demonic in healing prayer by discussing many practical guidelines and principles of deliverance ministry. We will follow the example of Jesus and reflect on some of his encounters with demons as recorded in the gospels. Sometimes, demons don’t seem to leave, so we will discuss the many barriers to deliverance. Demons are subtle and crafty, so we must be prepared and discerning.

Remember: the goal is wholeness for a person, not evicting demons for its own sake. Deliverance is intertwined with healing, and often both are required for real healing and lasting spiritual fruit in a person’s life. We advocate a balanced, integrated, Biblically-based approach to deliverance ministry. We recommend that you take this seminar also with our other seminars to “get the whole picture”.