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Level Three Seminars

Seminar 301: Dreams and Discernment
Is God Trying To Tell You Something?


Does God speak to us through our dreams? If so, how do we know which dream is from God and not from our self, the cares of the world, or the enemy of our souls? For the dreams which are from God, how do we interpret them, especially if they have symbols? Could the Lord be giving us dreams at times as a way to bring us into deeper healing?

In this seminar, we will look at the dreams recorded in the Scriptures, and develop practical principles that we can apply to our own lives. We will consider the dynamic of recurring dreams, nightmares, and more, as well as learning to keep a journal. Hopefully, this seminar will help you to understand your dreams and a deeper revelation of Christ’s love for you.

How do we discern spiritual realities? How can we discern between a real experience of God, or a counterfeit? What are the ‘rules’ of discernment according to Jesus? We will consider this all-important topic which is important in the conduct of healing prayer – and in much of the Christian life – and also in interpreting dreams.

Seminar 302: Freedom from Depression
Let Jesus Restore Your Soul


Depression has almost become a “plague” of the modern world, with more and more Christians diagnosed as “clinically depressed” or suffering from “bipolar disorder” and related disorders and syndromes. The commonly held belief is that low serotonin levels, or possibly genetics, account for much of this very real emotional pain and suffering. Much of the Church agrees with the world’s current thinking, almost forming a “cozy alliance” with the mental health industry. Most Christian authors do not say much to the contrary.

But what if it could be shown that it is not so much disordered brains but disordered souls, or relational imbalances instead of chemical imbalances that are really behind so-called “mental illness”? What if most of the modern diagnoses of mental illness are inventions rather than discoveries, and much less based on science than commonly believed? What if flawed research, and not flawed brains waiting to have neurotransmitter levels tweaked, is the real question? After all, if we answer the wrong questions, we will never get to the right answers. Worse, we might find ourselves living under a “reign of error” which in itself could cause much confusion and suffering. This seminar will answer such questions, and we think the answers will surprise many people! We will also consider the implications of a “different view” on this whole matter.

We will show that the emotions of the heart and soul, the longings of the human spirit as seen in the Psalms and elsewhere in the Scriptures, are quite sufficient to comprehend “mental illness” and begin to bring healing. We affirm that when everything is considered, it is still Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who restores the soul (Psalm 23:3a) – this has not changed! This seminar will fully affirm the Presence of Christ to bring healing to the roots of depression and related emotions and wounds of soul and spirit. We pray that many will experience His real Presence in this seminar.