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Testimonies and Success Stories

Jacqueline's Story

Jacqueline tells how she experienced freedom from chronic depression through healing prayer.


"Recreation Therapist"

This is a ministry that helped me heal from hurts and habits that were hindering my relationship with others and crippling me spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I received freedom from anxiety attacks. I needed to forgive myself and remove thoughts that distracted me from trusting my Lord to heal me.


Healing prayer 'healed' me and started the transformation process.  The Holy Spirit gives me the love and confidence to remain prayerful and alert to the enemy; who tries to stir up hurts, and old habits, that Jesus claimed victory over. 


Deeper Love Ministries was the vessel or vehicle needed to begin the transformation in my life. 

I'm so grateful for the healing prayer ministry team at Deeper Love Ministries. 


The ministry of Deeper Love (the Lord Jesus) released me completely, I believe, and healed my aching wounded heart.


"Graduate Student"

…thank you for the direction concerning the hurt 8 year old child ... Not knowing how to turn to anyone or anything at a time like that does leave us in a bind with anger, hurt and pain that just seems to circulate in our hearts. For a long time, dumping it seems almost insurmountable, yet we seem to want to believe that there is a way ... Today joy is crying, joy is letting go of this familiar ache…



I am in awe at ... how powerfully He touched me through your ministry. Thank you just isn’t a big enough word to express my appreciation to you, and to Him.


"Pastor & Missionary"

...what I am increasingly aware of, is the pain being carried by our church people. During the Deeper Love meetings, the ministering team was overwhelmed by Christians seeking help for their hurt. The prayer ministry continued from one to four hours after the services, with people patiently waiting. It was also overwhelming to see the restored joy on the faces of those who received healing prayer, and awesome to feel God’s healing presence fill our place of worship.


"Rev. Ken & Marion Graham"

For several years I have served as a frustrated pastor in Christ's Church. My desire was to help people, but I realized with each passing day that we were witnessing a steady stream of wounded individuals leaving the church because we had no means of healing the body, soul, and spirit. I prayed that God would show us a way to help those in pain.

When introduced to Deeper Love's ministry, I wondered if it would really make a difference. In desperation, with fear and trembling, we invited the team to come.

From the very beginning of the weekend, we knew something special was happening. We sensed God at work and watched as broken lives began to experience healing, including our own. We soon discovered Deeper Love to be a Christ centred ministry, dependent on the Holy Spirit, one which God is using powerfully for His glory.

Through Deeper Love [Ministries], God has changed the Church, our ministry, our marriage, and our walk with Him. We are pleased to endorse and recommend this ministry to the Body of Christ.

Rev. Ken and Marion Graham
former pastor @ Virden Baptist Church


"Nov 2004 Healing Prayer Retreat"

As we waited on God in prayer, the overriding theme of my life that God seemed to focus on was “shame”. It was a weight that had affected more of my life than I even realized, as this was made clear while we waited on Him. Thirty years ago I was an unwed mother, and having been shamed by the church that I attended at the time, as well as my own painful memories of the shaming words of my father all my life, I always felt different from other believers. I knew I was going to heaven when I die, but I could not seem to realize that deep sense of being completely forgiven, accepted and loved – by my heavenly Father or anyone else. I remained single, raising my son alone – always gravitating to relationships with men who, themselves unhealed, only added to my shame. I didn’t feel that I deserved anything better, so I went to what was familiar.

Having spent time only one week-end with the people from Deeper Love Ministries, who trust in the healing presence of Jesus, I can say that my shame is GONE. The only way I can describe it is that a ‘yoke’ has been taken from me. I now know that I am HIS beloved daughter – something I previously knew only in a cognitive way – but now I know it deep in my heart and soul. Others have noticed the change in me as well. I feel ‘lighter’, more purposeful and I have a hope for the future that was previously non-existent. I should mention that prior to attending the Deeper Love retreat, I had spent eight months in therapy with a “Christian” counselor. That only served to increase my sense of shame, as all the methodologies that were used in those therapy sessions made me feel even more undeserving and inadequate. Jesus is the answer – I’ve heard it for years, but now I know it deep in my being. I feel His presence with me all the time now and I know that I know that I am his beloved – forgiven, righteous and living a life of purpose.
Thank you to all my friends from Deeper Love Ministries for sharing with me the love of God in healing prayer.

"Manitoba Conferences"

Anna-Marie’s (not her real name) story: Healing From Years of Pain. Also in The Great Substitution: Human Effort or Jesus to Heal and Restore the Soul? pages 205-208.


Years of therapy and support groups, years of suffering and pain and years of depression. That’s how I would describe my life to anyone who would listen. I was tired of hurting and I was tired of hurting others as well. I had unbelievable pain and I had no idea what to attribute it to. I also realized that I had lived most of my life this way. I have been bitter and insecure, angry and ashamed. I thought it was abuse -- which it probably was for the most part, or so I thought. But now I know where the pain originally came from. Now, it is gone. I

had to do something and I have been trying for years but today was the day. I want to share with you this very special day.

I knew that Deeper Love Ministries was coming to our town. Someone had told me and I had marked my weekly planner. My plan was to attend but my fear was very strong. I subconsciously knew that if I attended this conference, things would start churning inside me. I also knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. And it wasn’t. I went in Saturday afternoon and was absolutely terrified, not knowing what to expect. My pain and suffering was affecting my relationships, slowly destroying it and slowly destroying me. As I sat there, determined not to let “them” affect me, I hurt more and more and I still didn’t know why. Suddenly, I burst into tears with so much pain I had to leave. My heart was black from the hurt. I couldn’t explain my feelings and make anyone else understand them because I didn’t understand. So I ran to the ladies’ washroom for a break.

Needless to say, I was a mess. I was definitely not going back. It hurt too much. So, when I got home from the afternoon session, I sat in the bathtub and cried. A friend of mine called me, a friend who was at the afternoon session and we talked about things and he told me that I needed to go back. I knew he was right. “He” wasn’t telling me, Jesus was telling me. Jesus was telling me to go back. It was what I had to do. It was my last chance to be healed, this one last hope of freedom from pain. So I went. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. As I walked in, I was afraid. I was hurting. I felt exactly how I had felt the first time I had gone in for the afternoon session. I entered the church at 7:00 p.m. in a mess and my friend introduced me to Dieter, who then proceeded to make an appointment for me for healing prayer after the teaching sessions. I was very emotional during the teaching and I was dreading the end. Nearing the end I went to freshen up and as I came back, Dieter was waiting for me.

We entered the prayer healing room together with his prayer ministry assistant. We talked for a little bit about why I was coming for prayer and then Jesus started working on me. Something happened to me in that room, something I never thought was possible. He spoke to me. He came to help me. I asked for help and He came. (Now I say this because I had been doubting for many years, wondering why God would allow such horrible things to happen to me). I went in for help dealing with an abusive relationship that had turned into a kidnapping. I ended up getting help for something totally unrelated—the root of all my problems, my mother.

I felt His presence and I felt Him inside me. I heard Jesus speak to me. He wanted to help me and He did. All the hurt was torn up and addressed and I cried and wailed like a baby. I was so embarrassed. The pain just came out and the more pain came out, the more answers Jesus gave me. I had many questions and all of them were answered. For the first time in my life, I knew why I was hurting. I asked Him to relieve me of my anger, my shame and my hate. I was able to forgive a cousin for having sexually molested me when I was four years old, whose shame and anger I was still living with. A weight was lifted. We were able to get to the root of my pain through this healing prayer. I felt happy and joyful when I left the prayer room. I felt….”reborn”. I felt like a child again…you know, without the pain that an adult carries around (which I thought was normal).

I left the room looking absolutely horrible but had never felt so amazing! People were telling me that I was glowing. Everyone knew. They knew Jesus had helped me that night. They knew I had been healed and freed. I can truly say, “Now I know. Now I know that Jesus loves me.” I was afraid to go to sleep that night. I was afraid that I would wake up in the morning and the pain would be back in the morning, but it wasn’t. What I experienced was real.



I just had to write to tell you what God is doing in my life since that weekend and just before. Two weeks prior, I was going through anxiety attacks. This only happens to me when physical abuse memories are about to surface. I have very few childhood memories. Most of those years are a blank. Because I was so young when the abuse began, the mind compensated by erasing those painful memories. Or so one thinks. With me, the memories started to resurface about five years ago. It began with nightmares and then manifested itself physically through my body. Vomiting, stomach cramps, nervousness, unexplainable fear of being touched, sleeplessness and a host of many others. Just a smell or a certain touch would trigger fits of vomiting. I would build a wall with pillows between my husband and myself so that his skin wouldn’t touch mine when we went to bed at night. I thought I was going crazy, so I sought a Christian counselor to help me. This has happened on three other separate occasions and each time I went to a counselor. The Friday we were driving to the conference was the day I decided to seek another counselor. This was the fourth time in my life that these things started happening to me. So I was in bad shape by the time we got there.

So you can imagine my relief when I found out that it wasn’t a marriage enrichment seminar! By the end of the Friday evening session I wasn’t any better. But I knew that I wanted a prayer of blessing. That’s when I came to you. I was so scared while walking towards you because I thought God had already told you everything about me, and you knew what a mess I was. I just about fell over when you asked me if I had anyone to forgive before you blessed me. And yet, I could only think of two people. I prayed and blurted out something silly like – “God has a plan for my life and I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure he has one.” Then I asked you to bless the baking ministry I have with native children. I think I walked away feeling like I must be off the hook now.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. In fact, I was in worse shape than the day before. We arrived at the conference Saturday morning, I had a hard time keeping breakfast down. During the worship time, I lost it (not my breakfast, though) as we sang ‘Faithful One’. My husband took my right hand and a friend of mine took the other. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Fortunately, God gave me the strength and the courage to stay for all the sessions. Then when I came to you again, this time for healing prayer. You know what happened! But what you don’t know is that some physical healing also took place. While you and your ministry associate prayed, I felt a warmth in my left heel and in my stomach. I didn’t really pay much attention to it until I got home that night. When I took off my shoes and started walking I suddenly realized that my left foot didn’t hurt. I sat down on my bed, took off my sock and started pinching my foot. The heel spur was gone and so was the pain. Then I remembered the warmth in my foot during prayer and then I realized that my stomach had felt warm too. I hadn’t been able to eat toast for breakfast or drink coffee in years without eating at least ten or more Tums during the day. Yesterday I had four cups of coffee and I went to bed – no problem! Isn’t God wonderful!

The following week, I thought I was in heaven. I told everyone and anyone who wanted to listen, what God did for me. I talked with God like I had never done before and I saw how God was working in every situation. I was so filled with God’s love that I thought I would burst. I was crying tears of real joy all the time because of what God did for me.

My husband was working night shift Saturday so I was sitting alone in my bed praying. I was praising God for this amazing week when I started to feel that unmistakable, overwhelming feeling again. It never, ever happened while I was praying, so this really surprised me. I started crying as memory pictures began to unfold in my mind. This time, they were the most painful ones that I had ever experienced. I didn’t think I was going to make it, I was really crying hard. This memory showed my dad coming into my room at night. My sister and I shared a bed. My dad was trying to wake her up and I woke up hearing him whisper to her. I told him to leave her alone but he kept insisting. Finally I told him to take me instead, he did. I had always tried to resist him. I thought I had always said no. But when I said yes, I felt like I was no longer innocent. This is where Satan planted the lie. He told me that I deserved this abuse because ‘I asked for it.’ This is where the root of self-hatred began. I blamed myself all these years for the things that happened to me without ever knowing why. It took a lot of work to forgive all those people who hurt me, but I did forgive every one of them. Except the person I needed to forgive most, me!

During the seminar I stood up and shared that God told me that I needed ‘me to be me.’ Well, now I know what He meant. God wanted me to see the place where the lie was planted that said this was my fault and that I asked for it. He wanted me to find the truth and stop hating myself and start loving myself the way He loves me. That’s why He brought the memories a week later. He wanted me to experience His true peace and joy first. Then as the painful memories came back I had the hope of joy and healing that was still to come. I was afraid of facing those memories that helped me to find the root of Satan’s lies and fill them with the truth of God’s word. The truth has set me free, the pain is gone!

God bless you!